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What do I do if I send money and the receiver does not get it?

Call the FASL Call Center and they will assist you in reversing the transaction or confirming that the receiver will receive the money.

What Do I Do If I Send Money To A Wrong Recipient?

Call the FASL call center immediately and you will be assisted in reversing the transaction. However if the money has already been withdrawn by the recipient, the call center will not be able to reverse the transaction.

How do I avoid sending money to the wrong recipient?

Always read the confirmation message before the transaction is completed to ensure that details are correctly captured.

Can I Use My Local ATM Card or E-zwich Card at an Allied Agent Location?

Yes. Because an Allied Agent links the payment platforms of all licensed banks, non-bank financial institutions and rural banks.

Will I Be Charged for transacting at an Allied Agent?

Deposits made by individuals using the Allied Agent will not attract any fees. However, you will be charged a small fee for cash withdrawals.

What Banking Transaction does an Allied Agent offer?

Balance enquiry, cash-in services, cash-out services, mini statement generation, bills payment, cash deposit & withdrawals for E-zwich smartcard holders, Local ATM Card transactions, Money Transfers, Airtime Top-up for all mobile networks.

How do I access the service of an Allied Agent?

All FASL Clients will automatically enjoy Allied Agent services; Simply get your biometric data taken in any of our branches. Non Account holders can go through a simple process of account opening to enjoy Allied Agent Services

Q.Can I do funds transfer without having an Account with First Allied?

A.Yes you can. A unique token will be generated for the sender to be given to the recipient for use to allow for withdrawal.

Q.How sure will I be that my deposit has hit my account?

A.An instant SMS alert will be sent to your phone once the transaction is completed. A transaction receipt will also be issued.

Where can I sign up for an FASL account?

You can sign up for an account at any authorized Allied Agent post or at any of the FASL branches across Ghana.

Am I required to maintain a minimum balance in my Allied Agent Account?

Yes you will be required to maintain a minimum balance.

How will I know the authenticity of the Allied Agent?

The Allied Agent will have a 7 digit code which will be displayed at the outlet. Also any exchange of physical cash should be done after receiving a confirmation SMS.

Can I send money to a non-account holder?

Yes. You can send money to a non-account holder.

How safe is my money?

The money stored in your Allied Agent account is secured by your thumb print.

Will I earn interest on my Allied Agent account?

Yes. You will enjoy competitive interest on your Allied Agent account.

What happens if a non-Allied Agent (unregistered) customer deletes the token number received via SMS?

In such a case, the sender can call the customer service number and request that the token be resent via SMS.